Elation Proteus Lucius now shipping
Tuesday, 6 October 2020
proteus-luciusThe fixture is designed for use in any production environment, indoors or out
USA - The Proteus Lucius IP65 moving head is available and shipping. The fixture is designed for use in any production environment, indoors or out, and due to its all-purpose functionality can be used anywhere in a rig.
“The Proteus Lucius is truly the perfect profile fixture,” comments Elation product manager, Matthias Hinrichs. “High output, compact and comparable in weight to older generations of fixtures, it is jam-packed with features while being fully sealed from environmental influences. Never before has an IP fixture delivered so much in this form factor; there are really no compromises. It can be used on touring productions or any type of event, and is perfectly at home on long-term installs like themed environments. It does everything well with outstanding performance while having the added benefits that come with the IP65 rating.”
A compact brother to Elation’s 50,000-lumen Proteus Maximus, the Proteus Lucius boasts up to 33,500 lumens of output from a custom-designed hotspot 580W bright-white LED engine (6,500K).
Proteus Lucius has flexible use as a profile, beam or wash light and with its 2.5 to 1 hotspot ratio has the ability to throw light at impressive distances. With a fast zoom range from 5.5° to 50° out of a compact fixture design, the Lucius ‘has the power to cut through on any stage’. Complementing the CMY colour mixing system is a five-slot colour wheel that includes an 85+ high CRI filter.
Designers have access to a comprehensive FX package that includes 13 rotating and seven fixed glass gobos across three gobo wheels. Effects can be multiplied via an overlapping four-facet or linear rotating prism and a 360° bi-directional animation wheel can be engaged to bring graphics to life. Two variable frost filters (light and wash) can be applied for an even diffusion of light when designers wish for softer gobo or powerful wash effects. A high-speed iris with variable pulse effects and high-speed electronic shutter and strobe can be engaged for further impression.
The Lucius features a redesigned, more compact base compared to previous Proteus moving heads, meaning it can more easily fit in a pre-rigged truss or stand more discreetly on the floor. The fixture includes a Hibernation Mode for power savings and comes with all the professional control and IP-rated connection features that designers would expect from a cutting-edge weatherproof luminaire.

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