EPIX Strip Tour fixtures on Kodaline duty
Friday, 29 November 2019
kodaline3-1The geometric patterns are creating a powerful and easily identifiable look for the band
Ireland - D. Reilly of Dandy’s Lighting utilised Kodaline’s logo in designing the band’s lighting for their European tour. After conferring with the band, he used the logo lettering as the inspiration to create geometric diamond-shaped set-pieces for their touring rig. To make this design element work, he outlined these pieces in vivid colour with Chauvet Professional ÉPIX Strip Tour fixtures supplied by Reynolds of Raphoe.
Flown over mid-stage as three large ‘diamonds, and mounted on two stage left and two stage right truss columns, the geometric patterns are creating a powerful, consistent and easily identifiable look for the band on their tour.
“There is a level of subliminal branding with the patterns, since it mirrors the logo,” says Reilly. “Mostly though, it’s something very attractive and engaging to look at. It captures attention and draws eyes toward the stage. Because it’s also very modular, it allows us to create a consistent environment for the lads to perform in as we move from one venue to the next on the tour. If we run into a smaller stage, we can cut down the size of the patterns, but it’s still the same feel.”
Reilly weaves the ÉPIX Strip fixtures into the dynamics of his design with chase sequences. For dramatic impact, he will turn the linear fixtures off during some songs, taking advantage of their smooth dimming curve. He’ll also use the strips to show pixel mapped video images created by Lumio Productions.
“Lumio has been wonderful to work with, as has Reynolds of Raphoe,” adds Reilly. “My right-hand person, Ciarán Kelly, has also been a gift. Then there are the lads themselves. It really is like a family atmosphere on this tour.”
(Jim Evans)

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