Evo unveils latest audio interface
Tuesday, 24 May 2022
evo-16-lifestyle-2000px-1Evo 16 features a high resolution, full colour screen built into the unit
UK - Evo by Audient has announced the launch of the latest product in its range, Evo 16. A 24 in/24 out audio interface, the release features eight Evo preamps, advanced converter technology as well as the Smartgain feature which can be used on all eight channels simultaneously, and continues to ‘make recording easy’.
“Building on the success of Evo 4 and Evo 8, we wanted to super-size the Evo concept,” says marketing director, Andy Allen, describing the new audio interface which is designed to fit either on the desktop or in a rack. “Evo 16 offers the intuitive user experience, professional sound and technical quality you’d expect from parent company Audient, with plenty more I/O than its smaller counterparts. And yet it still fits firmly into the ‘affordable’ audio interface category.”
Evo 16 features a high resolution, full colour screen built into the unit. “With our all-new Motion UI (user interface) control system, we’ve found a new way of doing things,” says Allen. “Motion UI uses the wide-angle screen to intelligently display information on your session as and when you need it, making any interaction with Evo 16 a fully immersive, easy-to-use experience - more comparable to what you might expect when using a Smart device, with no menu deep diving required to activate features.
“Working alongside Evo 16’s hardware controls, Motion UI provides a centralised, one-knob control system for adjusting all EVO 16’s hardware parameters,” continues Allen. “Simply put, every adjustment is displayed on the screen in real time, letting the user make changes on the fly and take full control of the recording session without ever needing to look at the computer.”

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