Fostex launches dedicated DVD website
Thursday, 21 February 2002
Fostex Corporation Japan has announced the launch of a website dedicated to their new family of DVD-RAM professional audio mastering products ( Beginning with the DV40 Master Recorder, the first product of their DVD-RAM family, Fostex is set to revolutionise audio mastering for sound mixers, post production, recording studios, broadcast professionals and more by putting their experience of timecode and portable timecode DAT to the DVD-RAM platform.

"Since DVD-RAM is going to be an important future category for Fostex, we felt that a dedicated website was a sensible communication solution," states Hiroaki Kawahata, international sales and marketing manager at Fostex Japan. "DV40 is certainly a field developed product with much input gained from our existing PD-4 and timecode DAT users in both America and Europe. The web is an ideal way for them to stay informed about the development as well as transmitting user experience and ideas back to our engineering department for future products and fast software updates."

The dedicated website has full product information and technical specifications of the DV40 available, as well as downloadable manuals and software updates. The site offers a technical introduction to the fast developing DVD format. A unique area of the website is dedicated to sound mixer Chris Munro’s experiences with four DV40s as he uses them to record, edit and playback audio for the forthcoming James Bond movie from EON Productions, currently working-titled ‘Bond XX’. Set-out in a diary form, the area will be updated by Chris regularly while diagrams and application notes explain how he uses the machines in the ‘magless dailies’ system that he pioneered.

The site will soon include an interactive FAQ section that will allow registered users to post questions not only to engineers and product specialists in both Japan and America, but also be able to ask users such as Chris Munro about ways of working with this new format and system.

(Lee Baldock)

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