Genelec Launches 7000 Series Subwoofers
Wednesday, 6 February 2002
Genelec Launches 7000 Series SubwoofersGenelec's 7071A active subwoofer
Genelec has come up with a new range of active subwoofers for multi-channel, professional surround-sound studios - the 7000 Series. The Finnish company's award-winning R&D team, have made full use of Genelec's proprietary LSE (Laminar Spiral Enclosure) technology to create a range of four models (200mm/8", 250mm/10", 305mm/12" and dual-driver 305mm/12") that are dynamic, efficient and highly configurable.

Three of the models in the 7000 Series are incorporated with Genelec's latest 6.1 bass management technology. This new system has six signal input and output channels, a discrete LFE signal input with a selectable 85/120Hz low-pass filter and a summed signal output for flexibility and easy connection.

Designed for stereo or multi-channel applications, the 7071A is intended to complement Genelec’s 1032A, S30D or 1037B active monitors. Boasting a frequency response of 19Hz-85Hz (120Hz) +/- 3dB from two 305mm/12" proprietary drivers, the 7071A is designed to deliver high power and clarity in a wide range of sub-frequency monitoring applications. The 7070A employs a single 305mm/12" proprietary driver and features a 250W amplifier. The 7060A features a single 250mm/10" proprietary driver with 120W power amplifier. The 7050A is recommended for multi-media and digital audio workstation environments. It features a single 200mm/8" proprietary driver with 70W power amplifier.

(Ruth Rossington)

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