GLP JDC1 provides punch in Big Performance
Wednesday, 4 November 2020
glpThe four Big Performance shows were produced by Brainpool in Cologne Mühlheim (photo: Sebastian Huwig)
Germany - With Big Performance - Who is the Star in the Star, RTL has launched a new entertainment show in which celebrities slip into the shoes of other successful singers with the help of make-up artists. Half a song is performed in full playback mode before continuing with the artist’s own voice. The team of panellists, comprising Michelle Hunziker, Motsi Mabuse, and Guido Maria Kretschmer, had the task of guessing the true identity of the performers.
Lighting designer David Kreileman and associate designer / technical director Tim Franken specified an impressive 156 JDC1 hybrid strobes from GLP in order to effectively punctuate the big moments in the show.
The special requirement in developing the lighting design was to clearly and visually represent the exact moment of change from playback to live singing. "After some considerations, and a direct discussion with set designer Florian Wieder, the idea arose to create the stage design with partially transparent LED walls,” reports Tim Franken. “As technical service provider, Alexander Klaus from Entertainment Technology Concepts was at our side and had the right product for us.
“Behind the partially transparent LED panels, we then used double rows of the well-known and highly respected JDC1 from GLP. Due to the flat housing and the really massive output of the hybrid strobes, the application was perfect. So, we were able to meet the specifications and also work to great effect with the versatile JDC1 in order to design varied looks for the individual performances.
"When we heard about the content implementation of the show, the choice quickly fell to the JDC1 from GLP," confirms LD David Kreileman. “These effective devices have already proven their functionality and reliability in several previous shows to generate a real 'wow factor'. Whether for reduction, strong light changes or accentuation, we have always enjoyed using the JDC1, ever since its launch.
“Since we are tasked with many music and game shows as lighting designers, the 3-in-1 function allows us to always have new and fresh looks for the programmes. With the crisp strobe, the tilt function and the ability to 'flash' with colours as well as to animate the pixel control, we have a great and versatile device at our disposal."
The four Big Performance shows were produced by Brainpool in its own studios in Cologne Mühlheim in August and broadcast from 12 September to 3 October.
In addition to LD David Kreileman and associate designer / technical director Tim Franken, the crew consisted of WYSIWYG designer and operator Udo Rath, show light operator Sebastian Huwig, gaffer Christian Peters, white light operator Adam Balke, video operator Ingo Rath and Server specialist Wiebke Wilde. The technical service provider was Cape Cross.

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