Green Hippo unveils “small-yet-powerful” server
Wednesday, 22 July 2020
hippotizer-nevis-image1Hippotizer Nevis+ provides a smaller, inexpensive solution for video creation, visualisation and playback
UK - Realtime video manipulation expert Green Hippo has introduced “a small-yet-powerful” media server to its range, the Hippotizer Nevis+.
Featuring all of the creative power of its well-known bigger brothers, Hippotizer Nevis+ is designed to provide a smaller, inexpensive solution for video creation, visualisation and playback, with all of Hippotizer’s software features as standard.
The Nevis+ is a half-rack or wall-mount unit offering one display port 1.2 output with software-based EDID management, two network ports and the latest versions of Hippotizer’s user-friendly tools including SHAPE 3D Mapping, PixelMapper and the multipurpose pre-visualisation tool, all built into its Hippotizer V4 software.
“We’ve designed the Nevis+ for a broad range of less demanding applications, including live music and theatre tours, corporate events and TV OB/on location productions, which have logistical and budget restrictions and where the the control systems need to be compact,” says Green Hippo’s sales and marketing director, David March.
“Nevis+ offers a full, rugged media server inside a small, purpose-built chassis that you can pack into carry-on luggage. It’s lightweight, affordable and offers straightforward control with all the popular Hippotizer features that simplify powerful video manipulation.
“Green Hippo has developed Nevis+ in response to an ever-increasing use of visual displays in live entertainment and fixed installations, and despite it being in the production phase before the COVID-19 pandemic, it is now needed more than ever.”
March continues: “Every surface seems to be a digital display these days, and we want to offer the power of Hippotizer in an affordable package to projects with lower budgets. We feel that now, more than ever, such an affordable solution will help solve the problem of keeping projects well within budget as crews struggle with the realities of social distancing.
“In the new world that we are entering into, Nevis+ offers the combination of being affordable, easy-to-use and simple-to-program, while also perfectly compatible with DMX.”
Green Hippo is inviting users to experience Nevis+ by requesting a demo via their website. Nevis+ is shipping now.

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