Harman Pro debuts condenser mic in India
Tuesday, 31 August 2021
jbl-cssm1002The microphone is suitable for both studio recording and on-stage performances
India - Harman Professional Solutions has launched the JBL Commercial CSSM100 studio condenser microphone in India.
This new studio microphone is designed for audio inputs for both vocal and instrument sound and is suitable for both studio recording and for on-stage performances.
Speaking on the launch, senior director, sales and marketing, Harman Professional Solutions in India and SAARC, Aditya Todi, said “The industry is witnessing a surge in content creation and consumption, which has given rise to at home and smaller studio set ups. This affordable range of studio condenser microphone is the go-to audio device for upcoming singers, instrument players, public speakers or just anyone looking for a quality sturdy microphone. With its pro audio quality, JBL CSSM100 brings out a pristine sound, making sure that users sound their best always.”
JBL Commercial CSSM100 has an all-metal rugged body with sturdy front grille allowing for ‘unrestrained use and lively spirited performances’. The primary sensitivity in-front of the microphone is ensured by the hyper cardioid pick-up pattern.

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