Hayden Launches Rane DA 26 Amp
Wednesday, 27 June 2001
Hayden Laboratories Ltd, exclusive UK distributor for Rane products, has launched the Rane DA 26 distribution amplifier - a neat 1U splitter/mixer device providing a one-box solution for all installers of paging and background music systems.

The Rane DA 26 provides a paging preamplifier, dynamics processor, crossover, distribution amplifier and remote-level-control in one unit. It can serve up to six zones, routing a mono Program Source and a Priority Page Source. The program source is processed by an Automatic Gain Control (AGC) circuit with adjustable target level, ratio and attack/decay. The Priority/Page Input features automatic signal detection and remote zone assignment. Automatic program attenuation with a range of 0dB to -80dB allows mic/line mixing, talk-over or Priority-Replaces-Program operation.

Each of the six outputs can distribute full range, high pass or low pass programme music - ideal for situations where one zone might need mid/high and bass frequencies only, while others require the full range of the speakers to be active. The DA 26 is particularly suited to applications utilizing smaller speakers - which often require bass enhancement - achieved either by adding bass to the full range response or by using a true bi-amp system. The amp has an inbuilt 24dB per octave Linkwitz-Riley crossover that supports both of these bass enhancement schemes, allowing each of its outputs to route full-range, high-pass or low-pass program material as required. Hard-wired remote level controls allow independent control of music amplitude in each zone, with automatic loudness compensation when using a remote control. The remote level ports can be controlled from a single remote device, which doesn’t influence the Priority/Page Level, and enables one remote to either control levels in multiple zones or both high and low pass outputs in a single zone.

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