High End Systems releases Hog OS V3.10
Wednesday, 19 December 2018
fullboarcenterThe new release offers several new features and enhancements
Europe - High End Systems has announced OS v3.10, the latest software upgrade to the Hog 4 lighting console range.
The release offers several new features and enhancements, including Virtual Wings, Playback Bar docking, Compound Fixture Explode, Inhibitive Masters in the background and new Pixel Map stock content.
With Virtual Wings, multiple virtual wings can be opened on a single system, providing additional playback controls when needed.
Playback Bar Docking allows users to swap playback bars easily on the console front panel and wings, providing quick access to more playbacks on a single surface.
Inhibitive Masters (default in new shows) can ‘leave inhibitive masters in the background’, allowing page changes to happen without adjusting/restoring active inhibitive masters. When inhibited, groups in the Groups Directory will indicate their current maximum level and if they are being actively inhibited. Users can now touch a group in the directory and use an encoder to raise/lower the inhibitive on that group, and a new command Group + Release has been added to quickly restore all inhibited groups not controlled by the currently active page.
Other enhancements include various bug fixes, Disable Rem Dim option, Enable Fader option for Grand Master and new Gradient Shapes in Pixel Map stock content.
Senior product manager Sarah Clausen comments: “The HOG development team is stoked to offer these regular updates to our user base. The intent of v3.10’s release is to provide a number of small adjustments that improve your daily programming life.”
(Jim Evans)

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