High End Systems rolls out Hog 4-18
Friday, 22 February 2019
hog4-18prodfrontThe new flagship console Hog 4-18 is available now
USA - High End Systems has announced the release of a new flagship console Hog 4-18, along with new OS v3.11 software. The company has also entered a new partnership with Capture visualisation software.
The Hog 4-18 console upgrades the popular Hog 4 with 18.5” touch screens, and an updated industrial design with aluminium encoder knobs and integrated accessory mounts. Outputting 8,192 channels (expandable with DP8K processors), Hog 4-18 has eight XLR-5 DMX outputs, sACN and Art-Net, MIDI and dual etherCON connections for HogNet and FixtureNet.
The desk features five high-resolution parameter encoders, built-in tri-axis backlit trackball and 10 master playbacks with motorised faders and master control keys. Up to three external display port monitors or touchscreen monitors can be used.
Hog 3.11 OS includes several significant updates, with support for the Hog 4-18 console hardware, an increase to 12 universes of output for Hog 4 PC, additional Plot icons and improved indication of current cue in cue list window. Other small enhancements include changing the Fixture Schedule button to Add Fixtures to simplify patching, sorting manufacturers User and Generic to the top of the list in Fixture Scheduler to reduce scrolling, CITP support for Hippotizer Layer v4.4 and various bug fixes.
Finally, High End Systems is changing the Hog family’s included visualiser to a Capture lighting design software license at the solo, duet or quartet level, depending on the Hog console purchased. These are standard Capture licenses that can be upgraded to higher levels in the standard way.
Senior product manager Sarah Clausen comments: “We are happy to see Hog 4-18 consoles already on their way to customers, and hope the v3.11 software release, including an upgrade for all Hog 4 PC users to 12 universes of standalone output potential, pleases all Hog users.”
(Jim Evans)

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