i3 Engineering systems can manage various types of electrical equipment
Spain - Ukrainian manufacturer i3 Engineering will present its latest systems (#CS640) in the show’s Discovery Zone.
i3 Engineering is a specialist hardware company in the fields of smart home and building automation solutions manufacturing. The company develops and manufactures controllers which configure without programming from their own mobile app.
"Our devices can be combined to a multi-master bus, which allows any of them to know what is happening to others,” says CEO Pavlo Tsiupka. “A user or integrator creates an automation rule in a mobile app, which transmitted to the device. The device processes the rule and sends the command to execute. For example, if switch is turn on, then light two lamps, if double-press - raise the air temperature, if a long press - close the curtains. We want everyone electrician to be able to set up an automation system of any complexity using our devices.”
i3 Engineering systems can manage various types of electrical equipment, such as lighting, sockets, heating and air conditioning systems, blinds and curtains, irrigation, etc. The system can be installed in private houses, apartments, restaurants, ships, business centres, malls and hotels.
Having received the CE certificate in 2021, the company focused on growth in Ukraine and distribution in markets where the frequency range of 50Hz 230V and 60Hz 127V is used. The company has partners in Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Egypt and Portugal. Now they are looking for interested distributors companies in Spain, Italy, and the UK.

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