ISE: Apex introduces SMA-1 amplifier
Tuesday, 29 January 2019
sma-1-mailerSMA-1 is a purpose-built, fully-featured amplifier module
The Netherlands - At ISE, Apex will introduce the Class D SMA-1 amplifier module, which offers a customisable turnkey solution for all two-way active loudspeakers.
SMA-1 is a purpose-built, fully-featured amplifier module that is easily adapted to customer requirements without the need for a long and expensive custom development process. It combines a switch-mode power supply, two Class D power amplifiers (1 x 500W + 1 x 150W), powerful integrated DSP and all the necessary analogue circuitry optimised for the best sonic performance on a single, extremely compact and lightweight PCBA module.
The most basic customer implementation comprises a single Line input, a Link output, a volume knob and status LEDs for signalling power, signal and limit. customisation is achieved via the versatile input connector on the PCB which enables the addition of extra input sources such as microphone inputs, Bluetooth, and even networked audio as well as allowing you to determine the layout of connectors and controls, be it a graphic display or LED indicators.
Dante audio networking is available as an option as well as remote control via Apex’s fast and highly intuitive Intelli-Ware software.
According to Apex managing director, Paul Van Hees, SMA-1 is an extremely valuable addition to the company’s portfolio. “We’ve always been good at electronics and we have a long history of providing innovative yet reliable custom solutions. SMA-1 is exactly that - it’s just such a neat solution for manufacturers looking for self-powered amplifier modules. It offers them everything they need.”
(Jim Evans)

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