ISE: ARX Systems launches AV DI box
Thursday, 3 January 2019
av-di-plus-front-smlThe AV DI Plus, the new stereo AV Active Direct box from ARX Systems
The Netherlands - Launching at ISE 2019 next month, the new AV DI Plus from ARX Systems is a stereo AV Active Direct box that features industry standard dual 6.5mm, RCA and Amphenol stereo mini jack inputs and dual balanced Amphenol XLR outputs.
Designed for interfacing computer sound cards, smart phones, iPads and similar devices with professional sound systems, the AV DI Plus provides a simple solution to the increasingly familiar problem of having to deal with a number of different types of analogue audio connectors when connecting to consumer level devices.
The latest addition to the Audibox range of interfaces from ARX Systems, the AV DI Plus converts unbalanced audio signals to balanced, low impedance signals suitable for use with professional equipment and long cable runs. Switchable ground isolation provides low-noise operation suitable for any application, preventing ground loops and other extraneous noise.
As an added feature, for those applications including corporate AV and computer interfacing the AV DI Plus also features a mono'ing switch allowing stereo signals to be easily mono'd, thereby requiring only one mixer channel for playback.
(Jim Evans)

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