Laser Studio Launches new Colour DPSS laser
Tuesday, 12 February 2002
Laser Studio Launches new Colour DPSS laser
Laser Studio - part of the i-Vision Group - has launched the latest addition to its new I-scan Performer range of DPSS (Diode Pumped Solid State) lasers. Following recent breakthroughs in diode technology, Laser Studio has produced the UK’s first commercially available Colour DPSS laser for under £20,000.

Laser Studio’s new 1W colour unit currently offers eight modulated colour outputs. The aim is to develop the system into a 256 fully modulated colour system in the future. This product, say Laser Studio, heralds a major change in laser technology and is an important step forward in replacing older, inefficient equipment that required complex cooling and hefty electrical supplies.

The ‘Beam in a Box’ concept - and specifically this product - has been designed with the conference, exhibition and club markets in mind, although it will also be suitable for theatrical and live performance applications. The new laser weighs just 31kgs, is approximately the size of a small travel case and plugs into a 13 amp socket. Brightness wise - utilising the high efficiency of the diode lightsource, this DPSS laser has an efficiency of 10:1 over ion technology, and the diode lifetime is expected to be in excess of 10,000 hours.

Laser Studio’s Geoff Jones comments: "This is the first of the new series of DPSS lasers we’re releasing over the next year. Thanks to diode technology, we can banish forever the ‘Here come the plumbers’ syndrome, whilst making available a highly affordable, bright, easy to rig-and-use laser for a huge diversity of markets."

Laser Studio has also released a new 5W mono-colour exterior DPSS unit comparable in brightness to a 10W system. This is for use at festivals, for billboards and logo projection onto large surfaces, for public art works and architectural illuminations. The Performer series of lasers all come fully flightcased, and are compatible with Laser Studio’s comprehensive range of control desks plus PC operating systems such as Pangolin and X29.

(Lee Baldock)

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