LDI 2023: Obsidian majors on innovation
Monday, 27 November 2023
obsidian--ldi-2023Obsidian is launching a comprehensive line of Netron products in smart form factors
USA - Visitors to LDI will have a chance to demo Obsidian’s hardware and PC systems, including the NX1, Obsidian’s scalable, full-featured lighting console that has propelled the Onyx platform's popularity to new heights. A compact, motorised fader wing, the NXP, as well as a small USB-powered control surface for ONYX, the NXK, both companions to the NX1 console, will also be on display.
On display in Obsidian’s popular line of Netron signal distribution devices will be the world’s first line of IP65-rated data distribution products for entertainment, recent winner of a PLASA Award for Innovation. Utilising a custom-designed sealed chassis, IP ports and touch controls, Netron IP65 solutions are provided as a six-port RDM Splitter (RDM6 IP), six-port EtherDMX Node (EN6 IP) and an eight-port managed POE switch (NS8 IP).
Obsidian is also launching a comprehensive line of Netron products in smart form factors optimised for system integrators and fixed installations. Two new compact devices with interchangeable connection plates offer performance and flexibility. Available as RDM6D (six-port RDM Splitter) and EN6D (six-port EtherDMX Node), these rugged chassis can be DIN-Rail or wall mounted and provide data ports that can be repositioned to the top, bottom or front of the devices.
Other new devices from Netron include the EN12i, a powerful hardwired rackmount node; EP1, the new single-gang size EtherDMX node in the Netron line; NS8, Netron’s half-rack-sized managed switch solution; and RP2, an intelligent two-way DMX power relay that serves as a protective device for lighting fixtures.
Professional training on the Onyx lighting control system run by Obsidian product specialist Matthew Gerardi. A beginner (30 November) and intermediate (1 December) course are offered.
Obsidian will also have consoles participating in the LDI Institute’s epic Battle of the Busk, an intensive three-day workshop and competition that runs 1-3 December.

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