Light Saver from American DJ
Thursday, 19 July 2001
Light Saver from American DJ
California-based manufacturer American DJ has introduced the Light Saver, a competitively-priced two-channel lighting controller that reduces wear and tear on special effects fixtures, extending their working life. Designed to control two special effects units, for example Vertigo or Avenger units from American DJ, the Light Saver is equipped with an adjustable timer. At specified intervals, the timer will automatically shut off one of the two fixtures and start up the other. Then, when an equal amount of time has elapsed, it will switch back to the first fixture. By running special effects in on/off cycles, as opposed to continuous operation, the Light Saver conserves the units’ lamps and motors. This, in turn, will make each fixture last longer and prevent ‘outages’ that can occur from lamp burnout or motor failure, say the company.

"The Light Saver is a very cost-efficient way for DJs to protect their investment in special effects," said Scott Davies, general manager of American DJ. "Many special effects fixtures are not designed to be run continuously, but should be turned off after cycles of, say, 10 minutes, to reduce stress on their lamps and motors. The Light Saver does this automatically by switching between two fixtures."

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