Music and Movement, The Modern Way
Wednesday, 29 March 2000
To address the growing fitness market, Cloud has developed a new multi-source audio distribution system. At its heart lies the Cloud Pump Station 16, which has the capacity to connect up to 16 remotely controlled stereo headphone outlets with a choice of up to eight stereo line level music sources or programmes, plus voice-over, alarm or microphone override. For larger venues the system is expandable, using the Sub Station 8. The Pump Station 16's powerful headphone amplifiers provide a selection of high quality musical programmes to individual locations via a small, personal control unit - the RH-8. This can be easily mounted to almost any exercise equipment and allows the user to select from a choice of up to eight programme sources and to set a preferred volume level. The audio is delivered via a pair of customised, lightweight stereo headphones, made for Cloud by Sennheiser.

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