Neutrik launches CONTRIK power distribution in UK
Monday, 13 February 2023
contrikContrik offers a portfolio of power distribution systems
UK - Neutrik UK is introducing the Contrik range of professional power distribution products. Contrik extends the Neutrik Group’s product offering with a portfolio of power distribution systems, innovative equipotential bonding systems and premium-quality power cables, specifically designed and specified for portable indoor and all-weather harsh application environments.
Employing automated precision manufacturing processes within the EU, together with high-quality components and materials, Contrik systems offer ‘unsurpassed levels of quality, safety and reliability, and provide for reductions in cabling costs, complexity and man-hours’. Contrik’s multicore solutions further reduce complexity and cable volumes for demanding mobile and outdoor applications; these include pre-assembled multicore cables, power containers and power racks with multicore outputs, and highly protected multicore Turtles for distribution and daisy chaining.
Extensive testing for mechanical (IK) and environmental (IP) protection ensures Contrik systems are designed, constructed and designated to operate fully reliably in either ‘Xtreme’ or ‘Xtreme Outdoor’ environments.
The product range includes active (with circuit breakers) and passive (without circuit breakers) power distribution containers, racks, turtles and strips in various configurations, supporting Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 or Schuko connectivity, as well as a range of pre-assembled powerCON cables and power multicore cables.
The features and specifications that make Contrik power products suitable for event, touring and mobile production applications are directly transferable to other commercial, enterprise and industrial sector activities. Including construction, industrial engineering and maintenance sites, temporary sports and recreational facilities.

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