The new design offers performance, ergonomic and aesthetic improvements
Liechtenstein - Neutrik is launching a redesigned, new form-factored, improved and upgraded version of its silentPLUG instrument ΒΌ inch jack plug. The new design replaces the previous model and offers performance, ergonomic and aesthetic improvements over the original iteration of this product.
The silentPLUG automatically mutes (shorts) an instrument (guitar) cable to avoid pops and squeals when changing the instrument (guitar) under load. The integrated (patent pending) silent switch is based on REED-technology and guarantees a lifetime beyond 1,000 mating cycles, says Neutrik.
The new version - designated NP2XX-Silent - features a new two compound housing, with a new rugged metal shell enhanced with a rubberised overlay for improved shock protection and a better haptic experience when handling. Hermetically sealed switching contacts ensure a longer functioning lifespan for the connector.

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