New Conference Technology for District Council
Monday, 3 December 2001
Brähler ICS (UK) Ltd, the conference technology specialist, has supplied the North-West Leicestershire District Council with a clutch of tailor-made systems. As part of an overall refurbishment, the Council Chamber is now equipped with a new microphone management system (Digimic) and an extra facility for audio-distribution for the hard-of-hearing (Infracom). The latter is an infra-red system based on Brähler's recently introduced MSI-2 transmitter and comes with daylight receivers which are immune to interference from direct sunlight.

Installation, which included a PA system for the press and public areas, was carried out by a local contractor and fully supported by Brähler. "Not surprisingly, ease of operation was emphasized," remarks Mark McGlynn, Brähler’s sales director. "For the microphones, this was partly achieved by incorporating a power supply unit that has mode switches on front of it," he explains. Once set, the power supply to the system can remain live. Moreover, the chairman's unit has a priority button which means that all the microphones can be switched off - and then reactivated as soon as they have been finished with. The installation consisted of 50 Digimic flush-mounted units, two Infracom radiator panels, and ten daylight receivers with neck loops. Standard headsets were also included for the hard-of-hearing.

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