The new Rycote Utility Mount - pictured with Sennheiser ME66 shotgun mic.
Sennheiser UK - exclusive distributor for Rycote microphone windshields and suspension systems - has introduced two new microphone mounts and a useful directory from the company. The Utility Mount is a rugged, lightweight, machined aluminium mount with an integral cable clamping system, purpose-built bands positioned at four staggered points and a bracket with pistol-grip handle. The mount can be stand- or pole-mounted via the 3/8" female thread in the base of the handle. Designed to complement the Rycote microphone suspension range, the Utility Mount is positioned between the company’s Softie Mount and its high performance Modular Suspension. The Utility Mount can be used alone or alternatively can slide into a Rycote Windshield for exterior use. The design of the bands supports a broad range of microphones and allows for quick and easy changes.

The Multi-Mount is a modified Softie mount and bracket with a female 3/8" Whitworth threaded brass insert, suitable for stand and pole mounting. An integral accessory shoe allows for camera hot-shoe mounting. The Multi-Mount isolates camera-mounted microphones from vibration and movement, greatly improving performance. It is available in three sizes to fit 19/20mm, 21/22mm and 25mm diameter microphones.

Rycote has also produced The Microphone Data Book. Over 1000 pages in length, this comprehensive volume documents the essential technical details of each device (with picture) in a standardized format which allows direct comparisons of specifications.

Rycote is the only company in the world specializing in windshield and shock-mount systems and is committed to improving current designs by constant development of new manufacturing techniques and materials.

(Lee Baldock)

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