New Product Line-Up for Artistic Licence
Wednesday, 25 July 2001
True to form, Artistic Licence has a number of new products lined up for PLASA 2001.

Truss-Link is a truss-mounted Ethernet to DMX512 converter, which allows the Ethernet output of a console to be cabled direct to the lighting truss and then converted to DMX512. Truss-Link supports the public domain standard Art-Net and is compatible with Artistic Licence, ADB and MA Lighting products.

Down-Link is a wall plate Ethernet-to-DMX converter. The product is built into a standard two-gang wall plate. Ethernet wiring is provided at the rear, whilst the front panel houses two separate DMX512 outputs along with address switches and indicators. Down-Link is specifically designed to allow installations to use Ethernet distribution with local conversion to DMX512 in each room.

Water-Pipe is a linear luminaire based on coloured light emitting diodes (LEDs). The product is housed in an elegant aluminium case comprising machined end-pieces connected to a satin anodised extrusion. The curved lens fits flush with the casing to provide an aesthetic circular cross section. The product mounts to any flat surface by means of two screws at either end bracket. The cable exit is via the base of one mounting bracket allowing totally invisible wiring. The body of the lamp rotates 270 degrees and once focused is locked in place by two grub screws. Water-Pipe is available in both interior and exterior versions.

Micro-Scope 3a is the latest version of the award-winning DMX512 tester. Micro-Scope 3a includes a multitude of new features to further simplify the technician’s life! Micro-Scope 3a fully supports the new DMX512A standard.

Snap-1024 is a compact 1024 channel DMX512 lighting console which can operate either as a freestanding system or as a backup device. In backup mode, Snap-1024 can seamlessly cross-fade between the main console and backup operation.

Grand-Master Flash! V4 is the latest release of the Artistic Licence Virtual Lighting System, which runs on all five Windows operating systems. Output is provided either by the DMX-Dongle II parallel port interface or via the PC’s Ethernet port using the Art-Net standard. Version 4 offers a range of new features including a sophisticated Effects Engine.

Finally, Artistic is introducing DMX-Dongle Drivers - new software for the DMX-Dongle II allowing application software to run on any of the major three platforms: Windows 98, Windows ME and Windows 2000.

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