New Spin on Special Effects
Monday, 23 July 2001
New Spin on Special Effects
Moiré and Goboram II are the two latest products from Wybron Inc designed to help lighting designers create new moving effects with gobos. Moiré is Wybron’s first dual gobo rotator, enabling the user to rotate and change two B-sized glass or metal gobos. Controlled by a simple toggle switch, the two gobos are operated independently and can be rotated together, in opposite directions or with one static and the other moving. The user can control the speed of each gobo remotely simply by connecting Moiré to a light dimmer. Goboram II is a combined gobo changer, indexer and rotator in one, giving designers the ability to change and rotate up to three gobos, all in a single unit. Automatic, Goboram II can be programmed with show cues, as with Wybron’s colour changers. Just like its predecessor, Goboram II’s fast and smooth transitions between gobos allow the user to make the most of stationary lights. Part of Wybron’s growing Coloram System of integrated lighting accessories, Goboram II is integrated easily and inexpensively as it operates right from your existing Coloram Power Supplies.

Both Moiré and Goboram II are specifically designed to fit the effects slot on the ETC Source Four or the Shakespeare 600 ellipsoidal.

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