Outline launches Architectural Series
Monday, 27 September 2021
outlinearchitecturalseriesThe primary focus of the new range is on premium sound quality
Italy - Outline has launched its Architectural Series, a range of loudspeakers designed specifically to ‘enable integrators to meet the aesthetic and performance demands of architects, interior designers and clients who want the ultimate in discreet, high-performance audio systems’.
Comprising four loudspeakers (the Ai41 and Ai81 ultra-compact columns, the Charlie 4 cube and the dedicated AS6 micro-sub) plus a complementary selection of mounting accessories, the primary focus of the new range is on premium sound quality.
Despite their diminutive size, each of the mid-high modules delivers balanced audio, whether from playback or ‘live’, while the AS6 dedicated subwoofer provides low-frequency reinforcement ‘that totally belies its dimensions’. All four also produce maximum SPLs far in advance of what one might reasonably expect from such a design.
The performance of the mid-high modules Ai41 and Ai81 is made possible by Outline’s inclusion of an ‘MTM’ configuration of midrange and HF elements. This proven design, in which multiple transducers are symmetrically arranged within an enclosure, can almost completely eliminate unwanted lobing effects in the radiating sphere of a loudspeaker, says Outline.
This is a key factor in the system’s intelligibility, particularly for speech, which makes it suitable for projects where that must be achieved with minimum-possible visual impact - examples include meeting and presentation spaces, houses of worship, museums and boardrooms. Its ability to reproduce music to a hi-fi standard further extends its usefulness into applications including domestic installations, hotels, retail and leisure.
The entire range also features a degree of water resistance, which makes it an appropriate choice for high-humidity locations such as spas, swimming pools, leisure centres, gyms and sports clubs.
All four modules are fully passive, so minimising the number of amplifier channels required to operate them effectively.

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