Paradigm Announces First Ever Holo Screen
Wednesday, 12 July 2000
Paradigm Audio Visual has announced the arrival of the latest innovation from Danish projection specialists, DNP. The Holo Screen, a holographic rear-projection screen designed specifically for point of sale applications, was launched at the recent Infocomm exhibition in California, USA. The DNP Holo Screen is a hologram in the form of a thin film laminated to an acrylic substrate. This hologram will only respond to light striking it from specific angles - in this case exactly 35°. This allows the screen to be hung anywhere in free space, with the projector hidden away from view. From the viewing side, an image of almost perfect 3D-quality can be seen apparently suspended in thin air. This new medium allows further scope for creativity in content and images than has previously been possible, and enables the use of existing video, computer and still image material. The hologram is so selective about the direction from which it receives the light that it is suitable for use in even the most glaring of ambient light situations, such as shop windows. The DNP Holo Screen is activated solely by a projector modified to throw a trapezoid image at a 35° angle that translates as a perfectly square image. The DNP Holo Screen is now shipping and is available from Paradigm Audio Visual, exclusive distributors for DNP Denmark A/S in the UK.

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