PAS supports Fineline mosque installations
Friday, 9 September 2022
mosqueFastline specialises in mosque installations
UK - For more than 30 years, Bradford-based Pro Audio Systems (PAS) has been supplying professional audio, lighting and AV equipment for purchase, hire and installation. One area which has seen consistent growth on the audio front is the house of worship sector, where PAS has assisted with the supply and design of a number of systems for mosques, both in the city and further afield.
Fastline specialises in mosque installations and began its relationship with PAS as far back as 2004. With a background in electrical engineering and a keen interest in sound, founder Wajid Baz felt at the time that audio provision in many mosques was simply not up to scratch. Clarity and adequate coverage are absolute essentials in houses of worship, and in many cases Wajid felt that both elements were inadequate. He created Fastline to deliver bespoke systems that could overcome the difficulties presented by what are often unique spaces. More than eighteen years later, with business thriving, Wajid’s relationship with PAS is as strong as ever.
Most recently, Fastline and PAS have collaborated on installs at Bradford Central Mosque, Masjid Us Sunnah in Nelson, Lancs, Masjid Bilal in Batley and Baitul Aman in London.
“Very often the mosques are not purpose-built, so designing loudspeaker layouts for the direction of prayer is probably the biggest challenge,” says Wajid. “A member of the PAS team will often accompany me to the site, and using various software-based applications, can accurately predict the performance of a speaker system prior to its installation, taking into account the position of the Imam and the congregation.”
Loudspeakers from a range of brands were chosen for the recent installations. At Bradford Central Mosque, a system designed by PAS in conjunction with Fastline saw JBL loudspeakers installed, supported by Yamaha DME processing, whilst at Masjid Us Sunnah, Martin Audio’s best-selling CDD Series of install speakers were chosen for their size-to-output ratio. A combination of Tannoy ceiling and wall-mounted units were deployed at Masjid Bilal, and the Tannoy theme continued at Baitul Aman where the unusual room-shape and decor meant that ceiling speakers were the only option.
“Sound quality and ease of use are the two key fundamentals, as is the challenge of simulating as closely as possible the natural echo of the Great Mosque of Mecca. Given that many of the rooms we install systems into have little consideration for acoustics, this is achieved through the use of reverb and delay. As a result, the need to eliminate any potential feedback comes more sharply into focus. It becomes very important that once a system is set up to everyone’s satisfaction, it is left as is.”
Wajid concludes, “I’ve always taken advantage of the chance to further my knowledge through training offered both by PAS and some of the manufacturers they represent. Combining this with a great deal of first-hand experience of the technologies in action enables me to offer my clients what I believe to be the highest possible levels of service and value for money.”

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