Piranha M1 Dynamic Microphone
Tuesday, 27 November 2001
Piranha Cables has introduced the M1 Dynamic Microphone to complement its comprehensive range of high quality instrument, speaker and microphone cables. The microphone has a rugged black body shell and can confidently handle the harshest of stage environments, say the company. Its super-cardoid sound capsule gives a clean, natural sound, low harmonic distortion and a high threshold to acoustic feedback. The M1 is supplied with its own traveling box and a Piranha M1 mic cable with high quality Neutrik connectors.

The company has also recently added multicore cable to its ever expanding range of audio equipment. The cable is available in 4, 8 and 16 pairs, each one individually shielded in aluminium foil and individually jacketed within an outer sleeve made from a strong, highly flexible matt black PVC. Identification is made easy with numbers running along the entire length of the inner cables.

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