Point Source Audio debuts sub-miniature set
Tuesday, 14 February 2023
point-sourceSeries9 comes in a variety of formats to meet day-to-day needs
USA - Point Source Audio has unveiled its new Series9 sub-miniature microphone collection for professional users. Available in a variety of formats, the microphones deliver a combination of high max SPL with high sensitivity making them versatile and able to easily handle the ‘powerful vocals of a live sound event or the quietest whispers of a conversation in a studio’.
Despite the tiny form factor, the mics feature 142 dB max SPL along with a -39 dB mic sensitivity - ensuring it will deliver on every aspect of a performance with ease. This performance capability is matched by its practicality. Series9 has the added Endure connectors - with accelerated life testing to 12,000 bends - as a standard option to its long list of flagship features like the 360˚ bendable booms, 180˚ reversible earhooks, IP57 waterproof rating, and sanitization with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol.
“Typically, sub-miniature microphones having a high max SPL have a lower mic sensitivity and vice versa,” explains James Lamb, president of Point Source Audio. “This can mean choosing a different microphone based on the application, which is the right approach, but having one mic that is versatile enough for any audio setup that arises can be very convenient and cost-efficient.
“We designed Series9 to offer the whole package: performance specs with reliability backed by the numbers. The durability features of the ENDURE connector, IP57 waterproof rating, and boom durability will give sound teams peace of mind in an investment that will keep delivering for years to come.”
Series9 comes in a variety of formats to meet day-to-day needs. Popular mic styles offered include the 3mm headset, 4mm lavalier and Point Source Audio’s patented Embrace on-ear design that combines micing speed, ease and accuracy. The new mic collection is available in beige, brown or black colours and in fixed terminations of TA4F, 3-pin Lemo-style, and 3.5mm locking ring.

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