North London-based Powerhouse Audio were the first production company in Europe to stock the new EAW SM84 wedge monitors. Powerhouse, who handle a great deal of the high profile corporate production work in and around London, count some of the capital’s major names among their clients. These include companies such as Virgin Records, Channel 4 Television, BBC Radio 2, The BAFTAs and The Financial Times - to name just few.

Nigel Winer explains: "We worked on a TV dance programme, 'Flava' for Channel 4. We were responsible for the production of the studio sound for guest live acts. TV producers try to keep wedge monitors out of shot where possible. One of the advantages of the SM84s is the fact that they are so low profile. We had one in shot and the rest at the other end of the studio. The beauty of the EAW wedges is that the sound is there when you need it. Hence none of the artists we worked with had any complaints."

Powerhouse also worked with one of Virgin's artists, Nikka Costa from the States. Winer says: "When the American engineers walked into the venue, they immediately saw we were using EAW monitors, they said 'Hey man that's great'. Needless to say, the rest of the kit, including a Midas desk, was OK with them too."

(Lee Baldock)

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