Coe-tech Ltd is now stocking the projector system - the latest product from Italian company Travel Show, for which Coe-tech is exclusive UK distributor. The is suited to a wide range of applications including retail/point-of-sale, museums, attractions, bars, restaurants and club.

The system comprises two small projectors: the PR 5.2 is an effects projector using 200W or a 250W HSD light source whilst the 3.1 utilizes a 250W 24V halogen lightsource. The PR 5.2 is a versatile multi-functional device, offering bright, sharp images up to 10 metres from the source. A variety of effects are available to fit on the front of the projectors. Two metal prongs extrude from the lightsource and support the lens system, plus a large range of motorized or fixed accessories and effects. The effects mechanism is designed specifically to offer very quick and simple access for changing effects.

A third projector - the PR.Compact - is a 35 mm slide projector or 55 mm gobo projector which utilises a 50W/12V light source. This is designed for areas where high light output is not necessary. There is also a wide range of effects and accessories available. Included are simple devices like iris, manual dimming shutters, a manual mirror diversion tool, variable angle rotating mirror and bifocal and wide angle lenses. More complex effects include an oscillating mirror, a multi mirror tool, a shaping ‘sash’ window barn door effect, rotating gobos, six colour-changer, timed colour changer with six dichroic colours, gobo modifier with timer and fluid (liquid) effects. A variety of prism devices increase the effects possibilities yet further, and a rotating slide or gobo attachment does the same for the projected image.

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