Prolights aids orchestra’s green initiative
Monday, 15 May 2023
polish-radioThe concert hall features acoustics designed by Nagata Acoustics
Poland - The shift towards sustainability in the theatre industry is becoming increasingly decisive and tangible. The National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra sets an example by replacing traditional halogen/tungsten fixtures with new Prolights' technologies: EclPar TU and EclProfile FWTU.
The National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice is one of the leading Polish symphony orchestras, as well as a versatile cultural institution. The concert hall, with acoustics designed by Nagata Acoustics, has a reputation for being one of the best concert halls in the world in terms of acoustics. Proof of this is the fact that NOSPR is one of only two European institutions to have been admitted to the international organisation ECHO, which brings together 21 of Europe's most prestigious concert halls.
Thanks to the support of Show Design, Prolights' distributor in Poland, NOSPR has decided to replace the old incandescent halogen house lights with Prolights EclPar TU for the lighting of the foyer and the ceiling above the stage. The excellent quality of the light, smooth dimming, the possibility of replacing the optics, the silent operation and the high energy efficiency are the characteristics that have determined the choice of this model for such an important location.
In addition, the Prolights EclProfile FWTU were installed in the theatre to illuminate the front-stage, with a CCT of 3200K. The optics with a narrow angle of 5 º were selected to ensure adequate intensity despite the long throw distance.
"The customer was looking for a profile luminarie with high-power and high-quality light," says the show design team. "Owing to the long distance from the light source to the stage front, the device also had to have a sufficiently high output, as well as the right available optics.”
The two solutions have undoubtedly contributed to energy saving and to the infrastructural simplification of the wiring, decreasing the dimmer channels inside the theatre, improving the management of the lighting system and making maintenance easier. The National Radio Symphony Orchestra's choice demonstrates that the theatre industry can approach sustainability by adopting innovative technologies that contribute to improving the venue infrastructure and minimising environmental impact, says Prolights.

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