Prolights on song for The Voice Norway
Tuesday, 20 June 2023
the-voiceThe Voice - Norges beste stemme
Norway - The Voice, officially distributed in 62 countries, is one of the most-watched television formats worldwide, with over 650m viewers. For the eighth season of The Voice - Norges beste stemme, TV2 Direkte studios have chosen numerous Prolights fixtures.
Prostage, the official Prolights distributor in Norway, supplied 20 Astra Wash19Pix moving heads, 40 Astra Hybrid420 hybrid moving heads, 50 LumiPar 12UQPro LED fixtures, 30 Lumipix 12QTour linear LED bars, and 20 Stark Bar1000 units.
The lighting system installation, entrusted to Center Stage and Hilux, has delivered a visual experience, illuminating the stage, backlighting the contestants during their performances, and enchanting both the live audience and the millions of viewers at home.
The lighting designer, Kasper Melgavis comments: “I worked very well with the Prolights lighting fixtures. The Astra Wash 19Pix integrated multiple on-board FX, allowed me to efficiently create a beautiful range of colour and scenic effects.”
The Prolights luminaires impressed the production team as well. They commented: “For a show as extensive and creative as The Voice, the versatility, speed, and user-friendliness of Prolights fixtures were crucial to succeed with the work.”

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