PSI Audio brings active monitors to NAMM
Tuesday, 7 January 2020
psiaudioavaac20The Active Velocity Acoustic Absorber AVAA C20
USA - At NAMM 2020, monitoring specialists PSI Audio will exhibit their active studio speakers, including the A17-M, A23-M and subwoofers A225-M and A125-M.
In addition to the monitor speakers, PSI Audio will also show the AVAA C20. This product helps with controlling the part of room acoustics that is generally most challenging to treat: the low frequencies from 15Hz to 150Hz.
With its five-inch woofer membrane, the PSI Audio A17-M is fairly small compared to a lot of other nearfield monitor speakers. Due to the use of innovative proprietary technology like Adaptive Output Impedance (AOI), Compensated Phase Response (CPR) and Class G/H amplification, the A17-M provides great accuracy.
For those who require a larger speaker, PSI Audio’s A23-M “delivers exceptional range and accuracy for discerning producers and engineers”. For added flexibility, the speaker’s tweeter and midrange driver are mounted to a rotatable baffle. This feature gives users the free choice between setting the A23-M up horizontally or vertically while retaining its sound quality.
Finally, The Active Velocity Acoustic Absorber AVAA C20 active bass trap has the power to eliminate low-frequency resonances from a room by imposing an acoustic impedance that acts like a big hole in the wall. It “sucks in” the affected resonant frequencies between 15Hz and 150Hz without introducing any form of counter-noise.
(Jim Evans)

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