Record Lightshows with Martin LightCorder
Wednesday, 28 November 2001
Record Lightshows with Martin LightCorderThe new Lightcorder from Martin Professional.
The new LightCorder from Martin Professional is a small and handy DMX recorder that allows you to record and playback any DMX 512 output. With the LightCorder there is no need for expensive on-site controllers for playback purposes. The convenient built-in scheduler allows recorded shows to be played back at any given time or date, or even have the show loop up to 255 times or loop continuously. Playback can be easily set up in the Scheduler directly on the LightCorder's LCD display or uploaded via the RS-232 connection to any computer and then saved into the LightCorder.

A handy Windows Scheduler for easy set-up and maintenance of light shows includes a complete show calendar for easy organization. The Scheduler can be used to program a light show to start at any given time or date. Three multi-function custom faders on board the LightCorder can be assigned to any controllable attribute to allow direct access to dimmer, colour, strobe or other function. A memory card is included with 8Mb of memory allowing from six minutes to three hours of recording time (expandable to 64Mb). Total recording time depends on the desired refresh rate and number of DMX channels used. (i.e. full speed refresh at 40Hz @ 512 channels = six minutes; 10Hz @ 64 channels = over three hours). The LightCorder can be remote-controlled via RS-232 and DMX-in. The easy user interface includes a built-in DMX viewer/tester and clear blue/white LCD display. The LightCorder can even be used as a handy and inexpensive back-up to a main lighting console.

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