RigSwitch is a winner for Zero 88
Friday, 25 June 2021
zero-88-rigswitch-1-cuRigSwitch is available in standard 12 or 24 channel configurations
UK - Zero 88’s RigSwitch is a remote controlled and synchronised power switching and surge control device that is proving to be a reliable, cost-effective, and popular solution for multiple venues and installation scenarios worldwide.
RigSwitch was launched in 2019. It builds on Zero 88’s reputation for designing solid and practical power, control, and switching products, like the Chilli dimmer ranges, and applying the user-friendly logic that has always characterized the brand. Its price point makes it accessible and adaptable, and RigSwitch is opening more new business opportunities for Zero 88’s core customers.
Before RigSwitch, ‘power management’ was a department largely co-ordinated by the electrical contractor of a new build or technical upgrade/re-fit project, “but utilising this product, can now be in the hands of the specifiers or integrators who are designing other elements of the technical installation,” says Zero 88’s Tyler Holpin, UK and Ireland systems and distribution sales manager for entertainment lighting.
RigSwitch is available in standard 12 or 24 channel configurations - a popular module size to match the 12 and 24 channel format of Zero 88 Chilli dimmers - with a 48-channel RigSwitch device also available on request for the most power-hungry users.
RigSwitch can be supplied with RCD, MCB, or RCBO options - again informed by the success of the Chilli dimmers - plus a choice of different user control interfaces. Individual relays are rated for up to 32A operation.
The idea of automatically introducing a propagation delay when utilising DMX controllable mechanical relays to control inrush current and avoid nuisance tripping is unique to Zero 88.
“The key things we considered when developing the product was to ensure it was cost-effective and accessible to the widest possible range of projects, environments, and customers,” states Tyler, adding that the idea of using mechanical rather than electrical relays additionally presented a very robust solution.
No fans mean no continuous noise, so RigSwitch offers the scope and versatility to be installed close to the outlets in noise-critical environments, like concert halls, TV studios, or drama theatres.
There has been particular interest from large and mid-scale theatres, arts centres, conference, and other multipurpose venues, says the company.
Recent examples include P&J Live at The Event Complex Aberdeen, a new multi-million-pound flexible entertainment, exhibition, event, and conference facility delivered by Aberdeen City Council in partnership with Henry Boot Developments in this key Scottish city, which features 18 RigSwitch cabinets.
RigSwitch will also be utilised in the auditorium of the new Fire Station project in Sunderland, an £18m cultural infrastructure development by the Sunderland Music Arts and Culture (MAC) Trust creating a series of vibrant cultural buildings for the community in the city centre, including participatory studios and a performance venue. This is due to open later in 2021.

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