Ljuboslav Brnja, Milos Vukomanovic, Ivan Nesic, Milan Scepanovic, Sanja Stepanovic and Filip Mitrovic
Serbia - Belgrade-based Light and Sound Design (LSD) is Robe’s new exclusive distributor for Serbia and Kosovo and will also be a project partner for business in the neighbouring Balkan countries of Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro.
Led by Milan Scepanovic and a highly enthusiastic team, over the last decade, LSD has focused its operation on sales and more specifically on the relatively new market in the region for premium products, for which there is a growing appetite.
Light and Sound Design has also put huge effort into developing and offering unparalleled technical and after-sales support alongside sustainable training and educational partnerships with international brands who are connecting the industry.
Having been musicians and a rental company, LSD totally understands the concept of ‘the show must go on’ and the need for good 24-hour tech support for anyone on the front lines of live performance and events.
LSD had been looking at Robe for some time, and: “Robe is absolutely the best” in terms of moving light technology.
LSD’s business encompasses all areas of the industry - theatres, television production, all types of concerts, live shows, events, together with clubs, venues and other installations. They have an impressive portfolio of top-level brands, numerous contacts and an energetic and human-centred approach to doing business, all dedicated to getting these products specified for high-profile projects where quality is of the essence.
Michel Arnz, Robe key account manager, comments: “We are delighted to have LSD onboard. The first time I met Milan and saw the set up, I realised that this was a match for us. The attitude, energy, level of commitment, professionalism and zest for innovation are very evident, and I look forward to a long and positive working relationship.”
Light and Sound Design’s set up includes a new purpose-built 4000sq.m four-storey premises in central Belgrade in which LSD has two large showroom areas designed to demonstrate products in the more spacious environments for which they are intended.
Michel was also impressed with the training facilities and initiatives being pursued by LSD to ensure their customers can stay abreast of the latest tech and fully aware of all the creative possibilities brands like Robe bring to their doors, and with other elements of the organisation and its systems.
“All these things are important to be a successful distributor,” notes Michel, “LSD has a dynamic team with plenty of experience and passion for the industry and they will market our products accordingly. We are certain that Robe is in the right hands here.”
LSD placed a substantial first order of Robe stock which will also be on display in their showrooms during a special open day planned for 27 September.

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