Rolec has launched its new PHD-1 Music Store. The product is ideal for pubs, bars and cafes looking for a dynamic choice of music and a quick, simple and fuss-free device from which to play it. The unit can store up to 2500 tracks and the latest chart hits can be added thanks to a monthly update CD supplied by Rolec. Pre-programmed timed announcements, adverts, tag lines and promotional offers can also be stored. The machine’s internal clock is date-sensitive, offering the facility to recognize specific seasons and programme appropriate music up to a year in advance. It can also play standard audio CDs.

The Music Store offers all the flexibility of a computer-based system, operated through just four buttons on the front, but because it’s a dedicated player, it doesn’t hang up, like computer-based music systems can do, when the power is switched on and off. For playback, it can either be left to play specific time of day profiles (pre-loaded by Rolec), or the music can be changed ‘live’ to suit the mood of the moment via a simple menu system. All tracks stored on the machine are selected by genre, era and BPM, thus allowing exact control of the atmosphere.

(Ruth Rossington)

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