RTS VLink helps broadcasters work remotely
Thursday, 21 May 2020
rtsVLink enables remote users to interface with their RTS intercom matrices via the Internet
Germany - The VLink communication solution for RTS intercom matrix systems has become a key tool for broadcasters during the COVID-19 pandemic. The software-based virtual intercom platform has been a common part of the broadcast comms workflow for many years. However, it has become even more relevant in recent months as it has allowed broadcasters all over the world to work remotely during the international crisis, maintaining vital public information services while observing social distancing protocols.
RTS VLink enables remote users to interface with their RTS intercom matrices via the Internet using a simple application, allowing a new degree of control and flexibility from anywhere in the world - including from home.
“In the current pandemic, remote production is the new normal for broadcasters everywhere,” says Denis Castanet, director product management at RTS Intercom Systems. “VLink has been designed to make this process as seamless as possible. Judging by the recent increase we’ve seen in software licenses, VLink is becoming a key tool for organisations all over the world.”
To support the broadcast industry during this period, RTS has also decided to offer short term software licences for VLink. These rental licences are valid for three months and can be renewed for an additional three months following this if required.
To empower this expanded user base, RTS recently created a dedicated webinar that focuses on how to set up a remote production using VLink. “Training is a vital element of quickly getting up to speed with any new system, and our experts are available to support you whenever you need them,” states Patrick Bryant, VP marketing at RTS Intercom Systems.
“With many new users now seeing VLink as a vital part of their workflow, we thought we could provide additional training opportunities with a dedicated webinar as part of our Spring Showcase. We believe that this permanent resource will help the widest number of users in these challenging times. We had a large audience for the live webinar, and, if you couldn’t join us for that, you can catch up at your convenience via the RTS YouTube channel.”

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