Shanghai Stock Exchange upgrades with Renkus-Heinz
Monday, 1 March 2021
shanghai-stock-exchangeThe Shanghai Stock Exchange
China - The Shanghai Stock Exchange – the world's fourth largest stock market – is located within a financial centre in Shanghai that also includes the China Financial Futures Exchange and China Securities Depository and Clearing Co. And at the heart of a professional audio upgrade within the Shanghai Stock Exchange Auditorium are premium loudspeaker solutions from Renkus-Heinz.
The auditorium is an architecturally impressive space featuring a number of design challenges. Seating rises from the front of the theatre, and the design features large red walls to separate seating areas. The steep rake of the seating required consideration to the vertical coverage of the audio system. Thus, the Renkus-Heinz PN102/LA series line array was selected and deployed.
The self-powered PN102LA-RD is a fully integrated electro-acoustic solution designed to deliver fidelity and coverage. RHAON II, the Renkus-Heinz Audio Operations Network, coupled with Audinate’s Dante networking extends the power, adaptability, and audio performance of the digital network.
Tico, the integration firm that provided technical engineering expertise in the design and installation of the system, has "won high praise from users with its impressive acoustic design and perfect delivery".
"When you have a space like this auditorium, which looks very impressive, you don't want to compromise," said Lin Jinzhao, technical manager at Tico. "With Renkus-Heinz there is no compromise. The speakers blend into the space and sound excellent. Everyone has praise for the system."
Tico's technical engineers utilised original Renkus-Heinz hardware to fly the PN102LA-RD line array – including the low-frequency elements. The firm used a custom rigging system with Renkus-Heinz DRS18-2R subwoofers flown vertically behind the main left and right arrays. Renkus-Heinz direct radiating subwoofers provide cutting-edge high-power audio within rock-solid enclosures. The audio workflow uses Dante as the primary signal and control protocol, meaning the system is scalable and allows for future expansion.
"The result is an excellent sounding audio system and a very happy client," Lin said. "With Renkus-Heinz we are able to offer impressive audio solutions for everyone, no matter the design, size or shape of a location. And that is a very exciting thing to offer as a system designer and integrator."

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