Shure completes acquisition of AB Wavemark
Thursday, 26 October 2023
shureThe move adds Wavemark’s software products to Shure’s professional audio portfolio
Europe - Shure has announced the completion of its acquisition of Ab Wavemark Oy. The move adds Wavemark’s software products to Shure’s professional audio portfolio, equipping audio technicians in theatre, film, TV, broadcast, and content streaming applications with innovative tools. These tools ‘aim to inspire confidence and minimise guesswork in real-time applications’. Both Wavetool and WTautomixer V2 are available now for download. Wavetool will be showcased at the Shure booth #502 at AES-NY this week.
Wavetool is an audio and listening application that provides critical, comprehensive monitoring for audio professionals. Wavetool’s early detection of potential audio problems, streamlined communication capabilities with the sound team, and its centralisation of monitoring functionalities, helps professionals monitor high-stakes productions with confidence, says Shure.
“What I really like about Wavetool is how instant it is to see problems and an overview of the RF system,” said Vicky Hill, front of house engineer. “It's also brilliant with the outsourcing help that we need to deal with our system and make the show run more smoothly. I also enjoyed the SCP function. It means that teams are able to find out what that noise is that's happening backstage, even if maybe they weren't at the rack when it happened.”
Hill continued: “Using Wavetool has really streamlined the way that we work as a team; it means that we can really get the most out of the people that we have working here in the theatre. It means that my job, front of house, is made easier and more consistent by streamlining the workflow of the people backstage. We can be working at the radio rack or we can be working on an iPad, doesn't matter, because we are still achieving great results.”
Wavetool is compatible with several Shure systems, including Axient Digital, ULX-D, SLX-D, Axient Analog, and UHF-R. It also works with other popular RF receivers from third-party brands.
In addition, the WTAutomixer V2 plug-in offers seamless sound-mixing capabilities and automatically balances volume across multiple microphones while intuitively turning down non-active microphones for crystal-clear audio.

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