Smode integrates support for Notch Blocks
Thursday, 7 May 2020
Europe - Smode users are now able to benefit from improved 3D content design due to the integration of Notch Blocks within the platform. Smode combines tools for creating the optimum stage-show experience, with real-time rendering and 3D previewing.
Notch is a graphics and video effects tool that gives creatives the power of real-time rendering. It has been used to create motion graphics for the live performances of artists including Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran, The Brits, and numerous music festivals worldwide.
Smode is an integrated real-time compositing and media server software, which allows users to change any parameter at any time. Creators can achieve an updated image immediately on screen, in the 3D simulation, or on the actual stage. Thanks to its layer-based system, creators can efficiently combine different pieces of content together to create the optimum stage-show experience, while keeping real-time control over any parameter of the content. The software is used across concerts, TV Shows, and live events such as performances by Mylene Farmer and Jean Michel Jarre.
The 3D stage preview functionality means that creatives are no longer bound to the stage whilst rendering their designs. They can develop creatives from any location and even work as a team, remotely, across projects. The system also allows users to utilise VR technology to get inside their designs.
Francis Maes CEO and founder of Smode comments: “We are happy to bring this capability to Smode users. Notch allows the creation of some of the most beautiful 3D visuals on the market and integrating was something our users have been asking for. Our integration brings together two complementary and much-loved tools, giving a new level of creative control not seen in the marketplace before.”
Matt Swoboda, founder of Notch, says:  “Many of our loyal Notch users already use Smode, so bringing these two market-leading software tools together into one platform will provide a much more efficient way for creatives to achieve stunning results.”

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