Stereoscopic DLP Projection from Christie
Thursday, 10 May 2001
High performance projection specialist Christie Digital Systems has announced it is the first company to deliver a complete suite of stereoscopic single projectors featuring 3-chip DLP technology. Specifically designed for stereo, the new Mirage line offers advanced performance features to revolutionize virtual reality (VR), entertainment and simulation markets worldwide. "With the introduction of Mirage, a noteworthy improvement in the projection of stereoscopic moving images is taking place. The Stereo3D image is the cleanest, clearest, and easiest ever seen. Moreover, the setup of projection is vastly simplified, and requires no tweaking for continued performance at a high quality level," said Lenny Lipton of the StereoGraphics Corporation.

Since the introduction of its high performance CRT stereo projectors in 1985, Christie Digital has established itself as the leading manufacturer of stereoscopic projectors for virtual CAVE systems, workbenches, power walls and other 3D and simulation environments. The Mirage line further expands Christie Digital’s portfolio of stereo products.

The single projector solutions are optimized to work with Liquid Crystal (LC) shutter glasses for active stereo, or with LC modulators placed in front of the lens, for passive Stereo3D with polarized eyewear. The product line consists of three new models: the Mirage 2000, an SXGA projector at 2,000 lumens; the Mirage 5000, an SXGA version at 5,000 lumens; and the Mirage 10000, an XGA projector delivering 10,000 lumens. "The Mirage sets a new standard for performance and will change the way people look at stereoscopic images in the future. Brighter and sharper stereo projection will facilitate the visualization of more advanced computer-generated models - opening the doors to enhanced human perception and understanding. New discoveries, patents, and medical breakthroughs, are expected as a direct result of the new Mirage projection technology," said Bill Speer, product manager for Christie Digital Systems.

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