Three Proteus luminaires to debut at LDI
Monday, 27 September 2021
proteuselation-professionalThe Proteus series continues to grow
USA - Elation’s Proteus line of IP65-rated automated lighting has enjoyed worldwide success, with over 10,000 units now in the market. Three new Proteus products set for release this autumn.
“We’ve put years of extensive R&D work, market research and planning into developing this award-winning product line and are extremely proud that it has become the most specified line of IP65 automated lighting on the market,” states Eric Loader, Elation director of sales & marketing. “Our goal from the beginning was to give creative designers the freedom to design any project just the way they see fit regardless of weather or other factors and we delight every time we see them on a show or event.”
Set for release in November are the Proteus Excalibur, Proteus Rayzor Edge and Proteus Rayzor Blade.
The Proteus Excalibur is a long throw beam moving head with a long-life lamp and a wide front aperture perfect for creating aerial light columns, and CMY and prismatic effects. Proteus Rayzor Edge and Proteus Rayzor Blade are a creative blend of a high-powered tiltable, linear zoom LED pixel wash luminaire and an extreme impact dual linear strobe array, combining mid-air beams, light curtains, blinder and pixel precise strobe effects, plus Elation’s patented SparkLED lens technology into a unique multi-layered fixture design.

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