Tracktion’s Essentials offered separately
Friday, 6 November 2020
dawessentialscollectionreflectionThe Equaliser, Compressor, Reverber8 and Delay Studio
USA - Four units from Tracktion’s DAW Essentials Collection of DSP Effects are now available separately - the simple Equaliser, the full featured Compressor, the Reverber8 and the Delay Studio.
The Equaliser delivers all the key functions needed to sculpt and mix frequencies making it suitable for even the most demanding of mix engineers. Its ample capabilities include an integrated analyser for rapid identification of frequency ranges, configurable eight bands for precision adjustments and a scalable interface to take advantage of modern hi-res displays and aid visualisation.
Designed to be transparent ‘even under the most demanding, dynamic, crushing scenarios’, the clear controls of the mono / stereo chain Compressor allow users to swiftly dial in their desired effects. The expander mode offers further versatility, the central display gives visual feedback on all settings and the side chain with dedicated filter and soft clip function provides effortless dynamics control.
Efficient enough to be used throughout the whole of the mix, the Reverber8 produces highly configurable solutions ‘to challenge the finest convolution reverbs’.
With the Delay Studio, users can build complex, multi tap delay lines, classic dub style FX or go further into the full sound design mode to craft ‘inventive, evolving and expressive soundscapes’. The large central display encourages more advanced sound exploration by allowing users to envision complex delay parameters.

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