Trinity Broadcasting Network turns to Bandit
Monday, 10 August 2020
tbn-2Shows included the Independence Day Music Special hosted by Mike Huckabee
USA - Producing fresh content this summer has proved to be a challenge for some networks, but Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) the world’s largest Christian television network and America’s most-watched faith-and-family channel had faith it could be done.
TBN lighting designer Brad Hill supplemented the studio lighting with a rental package from Bandit Lites. The goal was to accomplish five different shoots over five days, including the Independence Day Music Special hosted by Mike Huckabee featuring guests Lee Greenwood and the Oak Ridge Boys, and Huckabee, a weekly variety show boasting a trapeze act, live audience and Todd Tilghman, winner of NBC’s The Voice.
The main challenge was to ensure each show was shot in a different configuration, meaning versatility was going to be key in the rental lighting package. “We didn’t want all the shows over the week to look identical, so we had to get creative with our designs with very limited reset time,” explained Hill. “The theatre is designed for a weekly talk show and our lighting setup is very specific to that show. Most of our key lighting consists of LED Lekos.”
“When Brad reached out to us, he was looking for something old school to highlight the background with vivid intensity,” said Bandit Lites Client representative, Shawn Lear. “The Mega-lite Circa Scoop worked out perfectly for the desired look needed. Next, we went through many of our LED profiles and the Ayrton Khamsin checked all the boxes.”
“The Khamsin put out a beautiful light,” said Hill. “I could dial in a specific colour temperatures, tweak colour tints on faces, then rock nice beams with sharp patterns for music, all from one unit. The shutter system was smooth, and I loved the light frost I could pop in to soften my beam edges, without reducing too much intensity.”
The Mega-lite Circa Scoop supplied the eye candy, moving around the set throughout the week.
“Brad’s history and knowledge as a designer is stellar,” said Lear. “Following our initial conversation and learning more about Bandit Lites inventory, Brad’s choices proved to be both practical and creative for their broadcast.”
“Bandit was fantastic, and Shawn really worked with us to keep within our budget,” finished Hill. “Shawn and the guys had everything prepped and ready to go for us to hit the ground running! They were top notch in their service and very professional.”

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