Turbosound introduces Manchester line array
Tuesday, 22 October 2019
manchester-seriesThe Manchester Series line array system
UK - Turbosound has introduced the Manchester Series line array system which aims to ‘bring the brand back to premier live sound reinforcement’.
The Manchester Series is ‘the culmination of listening intently to customer’s requirements, obsessing over their needs and chasing down the relentless quest for sonic accuracy, clarity and detail in providing the best sound reinforcement available’.
Manchester has been tested to withstand the extremes of any given application and can be deployed in virtually any environment. Turbosound is confident that no matter the environment or situation Manchester series will perform.
Chris Hinds, Turbosound brand leader at Music Tribe, comments, "This is Turbosound pushing back with an exceptionally strong product to cater to all aspects of professional audio installation and touring applications’
“I’m inherently proud to present The Manchester Series to the industry. It is testament to the vision, the ethos and the hard work of our design and development teams, whose role in interpreting what exactly it is that the customer needs, has been nothing short of exemplary. We want the series to become a mainstay on technical riders and installation projects throughout the world, for years to come.
“We knew that sound became critically advanced. So we knew we had to become better. What has been asked of this system is what has been manufactured.
To coincide with new product launches from sister companies Midas with the flagship Heritage D-96 console and Lab Gruppen with the new software implementations of the PLM range of amplifiers, the launch of Turbosound’s Manchester Series now means we are in the privileged position of being able to provide the complete solution. A one-stop-shop of a suite of complimentary products designed for high end touring and installed sound applications.”
(Jim Evans)

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