Gary Atkins from Digital Fabric with DWR’s Dylan Jones.
South Africa - TVOne’s Best Educational Solution Award was presented to Digital Fabric who specified over 100 Dual DVI Scalers to the Stellenbosch University in the Western Cape Province.
Digital Fabric is a consulting company based in Johannesburg that provide customised audio-visual, lighting and control solutions to industries not only in South Africa but across the globe and was appointed as the principal audio-visual consultant for the Extended Learning Spaces Projects at Stellenbosch University.
By collaborating with different faculties and departments at the university as well as various equipment suppliers - including DWR Distribution, who provided the tvONE units – Digital Fabric developed a tailored solution that addressed the unique challenges faced by a modern educational institution.
“Our main responsibility was to design and supervise the implementation of cutting-edge hybrid teaching venues that would meet the university's needs and expectations,” explains Gary Atkins, general manager at Digital Fabric. “We incorporated the TVOne IT-C2-750 units in our design to enable seamless integration of images from both the primary and secondary projectors into a Microsoft Teams call. Since Microsoft Teams allows only a single content source to be displayed at a time, these units were essential in ensuring that students attending online classes had access to all the visual content available in the physical classroom.”
“It is always such a pleasure working with Gary and the team,” said Dylan Jones from DWR.
Adds Marlene Riley from DWR, “While we only supplied equipment for this particular project, we have a long-standing relationship with Digital Fabric and appreciate how they continually push the envelope to come up with innovative ideas that inspire. Congratulations on this award.”

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