US production companies invest in Coda
Thursday, 16 January 2020
codalogocroppedCoda continues to make waves in the US
USA - Coda Audio has confirmed the sale of a range of systems, including its flagship AiRAY, to two leading production companies in the USA. Eastern Stage Productions (ESP) of New York and Technical Entertainment Services (TES) based in Florida, have both made significant investments in Coda’s technology.
The two companies enjoy a close relationship, often working together on major productions and combined to provide a Coda system for the Stereo Bloom Stage at the recent EDC Orlando.
Bill Danilesyk of ESP comments: “The high fidelity of the sound is amazing with the real game-changer being the DDP driver. You get the same amazing fidelity from the Coda system as you would from the highest quality hi-fi systems - getting that at much higher outputs blew my mind right away. You listen to music you’ve heard one thousand times and all of a sudden you hear new things. These kind of intricacies and this level of sonic detail is something that was totally missed before and it translates to the live stage. And the low-end? Well, the impact of the bass is phenomenal. Everyone at EDC was blown away by the sound.”
Luke Jenks, managing director of Coda Audio USA, adds: “We’ve witnessed a sustained growth in the sales of both live and installed systems across the US, confirming that the Coda message is being heard loud and clear throughout the industry. We’re very proud that our next generation technology is becoming the choice of more and more audio professionals, who, like TES and ESP, are taking full advantage of the benefits it can deliver.”
(Jim Evans)

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