GDTF profiles are available for download from GDTF Share
USA - Vari-Lite has announced support for the General Device Type Format (GDTF) in all currently shipping fixtures and consoles, including production luminaires such as the recently launched VL3600 Profile IP, theatrical fixtures like the Acclaim LED Series, and consoles running Neo or ZerOS software.
GDTF, jointly developed by the GDTF Group, is an industry standard for entertainment fixture profiles, intended as a unified definition for the exchange of data for the operation of intelligent luminaires. GDTF profiles are available for all current luminaires. GDTF support is included in the recently announced ZerOS 7.13 and will also be included in the Neo 4.0 software update, bringing support for the standard to existing FLX, FLX S, and Neo controllers, along with future Vari-Lite consoles.
Customers can use the GDTF builder online tool to build profiles for any third-party fixtures, and both Neo and ZerOS consoles will continue to get regular fixture library updates as well.
“Whether it’s a production company, concert venue, touring theatre destination, or a lighting designer with their own console, many Vari-Lite users need a way to ensure they have a profile for every fixture every time despite varying rigs,” explains Jon Hole, global product manager, Vari-Lite Controls and Systems at Signify.
“Designers want to ‘just get it done,’ with less worry and preplanning, and no need to build - or request - a fixture profile. And they want any console they choose to work great with every luminaire in their rig without being locked into a single manufacturer to get the functionality they want “
“Our customers know that lighting systems aren’t a one-time purchase but a lifecycle of service, and they want the peace of mind to know that their system will continue to operate brilliantly, even when a new console or luminaire is introduced,” adds Martin Palmer, sr. product manager, Vari-Lite Luminaires at Signify. “Adding fixtures should be fast, visualization should be simple and accurate, and creating new fixture profiles - when it needs to happen - should be intuitive and stress free.” GDTF profiles are available for download from GDTF Share.

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